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Success Stories

Bret B. Anderson, Chief of Police
Wisconsin Dells Police Department

Our Police Department has been using BlueboardIT for over a year. We use the web-based tool for field training, special event preparation, policy revisions and updates and other training. Our police department is able to train more and more cost effective with BlueboardIT. For less than the cost of one hour of overtime per officer,  BlueboardIT offers unlimited training. BlueboardIT has saved our department a significant amount of training costs. I highly recommend this product.


Michael E. Babcock, Chief Deputy Sheriff
Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Quote:  “The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is in its’ second year of using BlueboardIT. The Sheriff’s Office is utilizing BlueboardIT for field training programs, electronic-controlled device refresher courses, and other training programs. All law enforcement administrators should be taking a long, hard look at BlueboardIT as a resource to help manage their training budgets financially, not to mention the savings in having staff train in-house.”