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compWe offer you the ability to create self-paced learning programs with the support of instructors and mentors within your organization, without the confines and structure that comes with on-site training programs in classroom style education. Training through web-based education can help with getting employees trained at the level they need to be. We provide a very easy format for both your instructors and students to learn and master in a short amount of time. Courses are developed, and testing can be generated on very specific topics relative to your organization.

Differences between BlueboardIT and Typical Online Courses

You should note that there are many differences between a typical online course or distance education programs, and BlueboardIT. An online course allows you to work at and complete the course virtually anywhere, without stepping out of your house or office. Distance education programs usually require some form of an online classroom location, and usually involve direct contact with an instructor at some point in time. Oftentimes, your organization is at the mercy of these programs who often implement a generic, shotgun approach to various topics. Both formats can be costly, generic, and a loss of valuable time to your organization. BlueboardIT offers you the chance to customize your training to your organization. You can design courses that are specific to your needs, specific to your work groups, and specific to the skills that exists in every profession. BlueboardIT was born with the idea of offering hybrid courses that eliminate a course lecture and allows for more hands-on, practical training. We offer the best of both worlds in a service that offers both online training and distance learning formats