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Take your training to a new level!

Why do we train? To better ourselves? To serve our department and communities more efficiently? Safety? Reduce Liability? Every agency has their own response as to why they train. Now the question is, How do you train?

BlueboardIT will take your training to a new level. By utilizing web-based training, BlueboardIT facilitates training for police custom to each agency. Why spend thousands of dollars in overtime, instructor fees, and tuitions when you can train on the issue important to your agency at a fraction of the cost? Why have officers dread sitting in a classroom for hours, when you can save time and money facilitating the same training online? Your officers can literally train any time, and anywhere they have web, home, or squad. Plus our system offers the ability to retain training information and resources in a paper-less format for an officer to review weeks, months, even years later.

BlueboardIT allows you to use virtually any instructor, from anywhere in the world, to train your employees. Having the capability on who and what you want to instruct means that you can have anyone from a nationally recognized expert to a member of your own staff provide training specific to your agency . Our system allows you to designate groups within your agency to provide material specific to tactical units, support personal, dispatchers, patrol beats, or the entire staff.

BlueboardIT was originally designed by police for police. The original intent behind BlueboardIT was to save valuable time and training budgets to increase our own agency's potential of hands-on and scenario-based training. Plus our unique file and course exchange system allows you to network like never before. Now, BlueboardIT can be utilized to supplement all training aspects. Policies can be stored, referenced, and tested on using BlueboardIT. Training safety protocols and scenario briefings can be done on BlueboardIT. Specialized training utilizing video feeds and audio files can now be used to enhance the performance of your employees. BlueboardIT also offers weekly assignments, performance assessments, mapping features, and feedback capability to place your entire field training program online!

The only limit you have with BlueboardIT is your own creativity.